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Training | Your Biggest Challegne

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–> Speak Without Limits
–> How to fall in love with public speaking

What can we do for you?

How does judgement affect your perception towards yourself? DISCOVER and UNCOVER your current belief systems in regards to public speaking, build a relationship with your current thoughts related to public speaking and learn how to be with your fear in a fun way.

PONY Express is the perfect environment to start growing your confidence and even your business through speaking. Let us give your courage a nudge and grab the tools, techniques and connections needed to create impact on your speaking gigs or work presentations.

We are more than a Speakers Club. We are your accountability partner when things are tough. We actively support you to achieve your speaking ambitions by holding you accountable.

We do whatever we can to make your public speaking experience different. We are a close community where you find support for life and ideas to explore.

We know from experience that being a confident public speaker is one of the keys to business success; that’s why we created that encouraging positive environment that might open so many more possibilities than you ever thought of on your own. We also believe that no words will ever be able to describe your first REAL life PONY Express experience – join us at our next event.

Contact us about our kick-ass Speaking Fun programmes:

  • 1 year speaking acceleration with monthly Speaker Coaching group meetings
  • One-to-One Speaker Coaching to Quick-Fix certain blocks
  • How to Fall in Love with Public Speaking series for beginners 

Members Club

The PONY Express Members Club as a 12-month programme. How bold and fearless you want to become during this time, you decide – there are no limits!

Just like you can’t build a business without good business skills, you can’t learn public speaking without an audience and professional feedback. A community gives you so much more accountability and determination than wanting to do it all on your own. You never know when your next speaking opportunity appears in front of you – get ready for it now.

Members Club Outcomes


  1. understand the source of your fears and learn how to overcome them
  2. find your very own, individual speaking style
  3. have speeches ready to go
  4. get numerous opportunities to speak to a live audience
  5. connect with like-minded people to support each other