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How to Fall in Love with Public Speaking | Your Biggest Challegne

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How to Fall in Love with Public Speaking

This series is developed for people starting-out with their public speaking. It’s bringing together a variety of materials, tools & techniques.

We are all different and unique in what we have to offer to the world. With the way we communicate we either get the buy-in to our ideas or, on occasions, frowned upon. Learning how to be a confident and courageous in different situations will not only help you in business but increase your overall experience when putting your ideas and vision out there.

Strong communication skills will support you staying on top of your game and to infuse reality into your dreams – NOW. We only have ONE shot on this planet, let’s make it count!


  • Strategies and techniques to become a more confident & impactful speaker
  • Mindset shift on how to deal with nerves every time you have a stage opportunity
  • Tools for maximum speaking impact to build-on
  • Stronger connection with yourself and other
  • Tonnes of courage & crazy ideas to overcome your self-doubt when speaking


  • Have an underlying passion to make a difference in the world
  • Be 100% committed – homework essential
  • Be able to get comfortable with being uncomfortable


‘What a fab session last week. I already feel I have broken through something and that’s after only one session… amazing. The content was so different and fresh from others courses. Great group, I am excited for the rest.’ Sue Sedgeman, Life Coach
‘Just wanted to say a massive thank you for introducing me to so much – when I look back to the expectations I had of this 4 week course it really makes me laugh – I had no idea what I was in for and I’m very grateful that I was able to take part. Speaking is incredible and I now understand the science behind it.’ Denise Chester, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


‘Annik, your classes were the greatest, except the homework Wink. I really enjoyed the different content, the improvisation tips and techniques and being outside my comfort zone.’ Geoff Davis, CEO at


Central London

Session 1

The Psychology of Public Speaking
Nerves & Judgement
Grounding Techniques


Session 2

Help, my mind goes blank!
Audience Rapport & Hecklers
Confidence & Courage Techniques


Session 3

HOMEPLAY SESSION. The details for this section will be announced at the end of session one. Attendees all get together to work on this section.

Session 4

Vision Walk
The Missing Mirror
Reflections & Action Steps

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